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We’re a diverse crew of seasoned developers, designers, technical consultants, and recruitment specialists who spin possibilities into tailored products.
Our HQ is in Reykjavík, and many of our developers are based in Tunisia. Get in touch

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Who are we?

Safa Jemai


Ívar Guðmundsson


Mohamed Anouar Kotti


Wiem Jdidi

UX/UI designer

Monaam Aouini

Fullstack developer

Baha Eddine Chammakhi

Technical lead

Kelechi Hafstad

Creative & Brand Manager 

Ahmed Wanneni

Frontend developer

Bader Ahmed Tlili

Fullstack developer

Youssef Naoui

QA Specialist

Marouen Sayari

Backend developer

Chayma Chammakhi

UI / Graphic Designer

Insaf Khorchani

Software engineer

Ameni Ben Saada

Software developer

What makes us different?

We are 100% scalable: We fit our service to the size and shape of our partners’ needs. We’re flexible. We make changes and adjustments when—and as—they crop up. See? Nimble.  

We are cost effective: We are cost effective: Our pay-as-you-go options make software development affordable. Our clients are only charged for the services they use, which reduces their overall costs.

We are fully engaged: We are fully engaged: We support our partners from the very beginning to the very end of their projects, and we’ve perfected the art of the proactive engagement.

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