Chapter 2: What is Víkonnekt?

If you haven’t seen Chapter 1 of our Víkonnekt series, please check this link: The birth of Víkonnekt.


If you don’t put yourself out there and tell people what you are able to offer, no one will know! Finding an idea can be hard but not as hard as the execution of that idea. You need to have the right people with you, you need to be persistent and you need to keep going to get your idea where you want it to be.


The business plan for Víkonnekt has changed several times through the development of the company but in many ways it’s still the same. We are a group of highly talented people who aim to help people realize their digital dreams. Our mission is to provide the right software talents to help companies on their journey to implement software products. Our assistance comes in different forms:


1- MVP development: We focus on helping startups and others implement their minimal viable product by providing consulting from our specialists and also senior developers which helps reducing the cost. Our end-to-end software development has on one hand helped several startups to get through seed and pre-seed rounds successfully and to get investors on board and on the other hand given them the chance to initiate their project and acquire new users for their product. The first steps are always very challenging but they are no longer obstacles if the company gets the right software development partner. MVP development can include design work and choosing the right coding language, framework and architecture. It also includes implementing the basic features for the product and releasing the first version. After that comes the assistance with releasing the following version and adding new features. This solution is 100% flexible. Víkonnekt can be involved from the beginning or from any stage of the product.


2- Sustainable hiring: Some companies have already started building their core team but still need some additional expertise for long or short term. It can be very hard to find someone that you can trust to deliver the results you are expecting in a certain time frame. At Víkonnekt, you can rely on our experienced specialists. Our reputation is built on establishing a trust relationship with our clients, hiring the best talents who help them achieve their software goals. We focus on hiring senior developers (Frontend, Backend, Devops developers and UI/UX designers) and to deliver the established goals fast and safely.


3- Technical interviews – assuring quality: Víkonnekt assists companies through the hiring process and finding the right person for the job by taking the technical interview in order to evaluate the candidates skills and competences. This process starts by preparing a convenient technical test for the position, then the candidate performs it and after that the candidate is invited to a test review meeting to answer several questions related to the submitted solution.


Víkonnekt is the most convenient and flexible software partner for companies who are seeking funds or don’t know where to start with the development of their software product. If you are looking for help, you can always send us a line here: .


To be continued…

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