UX/UI Design

Building smooth interactions between your client and your product.

User Experience and User Interface Design

UX and UI are both essential to the success of a digital product. UX design considers the way that clients interact with the product and tries to maximise intuitiveness and ease of use. UI design considers the visual elements of a product, and will focus on developing its look and feel through the use of colour, typography and layout. Here at Víkonnekt we have a talented team of UX/UI designers who are passionate about creating beautiful, user-friendly apps that are a pleasure to interact with and an asset to our clients’ businesses.

Our Process

When we are approached with a UX/UI project we spend a lot of time learning about the end user, understanding their needs and their pain points in order to to build a solution that satisfies their requirements. We then build an interactive prototype, request and implement feedback, and test our designs to ensure that it is optimized for performance.

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